Friday, 14 March 2014

Random Thoughts on BTT Limited

Biggest Disagreements with CFB articles on limited (Limited to 2 cards per color):

Siren of the Coast Fang (MindControl Tribute): Seems to be rated as one of the better uncommons. I think it is mediocre. Essentially equivalent in power to a Prescient Chimera. And since we get two packs of Chimeras/Horizon Scholars I am not interested.

Its often going to be a 4/4 flier which is obviously good but not a ton better then prescient chimera. However on an empty board or versus a 2/1 (or 1/1, 2/1, 2/3 etc) it becomes a 1/1 + shitty creature. Imagine a board of three 2/1s. Mind control can be worse than a 3/4.

Archetype of Imagination: This is much better than mind control tribute. It can single handedly win a game. It represents a fast clock with any other board presence. Of course you can get blown out by removal but that isn’t much different than many other game changing pants in history of magic. At least in this format instant speed removal is much harder to come by. Perfect curve topper in any aggressive blue deck, though if it could only stop the unbeatable Nessian Asp it would be perfect.

Hero of Iroas: Frank Karsten has it as the third best rare. Which mostly doesn’t make sense in the context of how he rates Akroan Skyguard. I have had the Hero twice, it makes about 2 mana per game (when you draw it). Usually only one of that mana is meaningful (in terms of improving your curve). That upside does not make it significantly better then skyguard/wingsteed/favored hoplite etc… White is the best color, but Hero is much closer to Skyguard than Endless Legions.

Akroan Phalanx: White/Red is the best deck (or at least tied for it). Phalanx is insane in that deck while serviceable if you can’t activate it. However its fairly easy to get a shimmering grotto or nylea’s prescence. I am definitely first picking it over Vanguard of Brimaz.

Everflame Eidolon > Fall of Hammer  >> Bolt of Keranos and Searing Blood.

I think cheap removal is overrated since I only really want it vs ordeals (and edict hero). You also end up low on space in your heroic decks since combat tricks are also required. Everflame eidolon is cheap, trades with everything and a huge threat on an empty board.

Fearsome Temper: Second best common in the set. Can’t fathom a world I take searing blood over this. Post PT I started taking it over Bolt (which I didn’t have the balls for even though it felt right initially). Do not regret.

Nessian’s Wild Ravager: Personal bias definitely plays a part here, but I think the card is very overrated again. Worse than nessian asp. If you are losing to huge flying creature (or aqueous form etc..) the ability isn’t saving you. It comes down slow (acceleration is now less common as well). Basically too interchangeable with other shitty green boom booms to be a first pick.

Mortal’s Resolve: Fantastic card. This is green’s wannabe God’s Willing . Should be in discussion for best green common in the set (at least your first copy).  On that note stop passing Boon of Erebos.

For commons/uncommons:
1. Bile Blight
2. Asphyxiate
3. Servant of Tymaret

Don’t like Shrike Harpy in aggressive decks and its more replacable than the servant (though maybe slightly more powerful).

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